49ers Superbowl

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Super Bowl XVI was a feast for the eyes. Thousands 49er fans desperate demanded tickets to the 49ers first chance to see a world championship. The scene in Pontiac, where the temperature was minus 27 degrees with the wind chill, it was laughable. San Franciscans, with nothing hotter in their wardrobe than London Fog raincoat, wandered around in arctic conditions, shivering but without complaint. They were just very happy to be there, and they were rewarded for that. When the 49ers walked away with a 26-21 victory, grown men were standing in the aisles at the Silverdome with tears of joy running down their cheeks shamelessly. And When the 49ers received their 2nd Super Bowl ring in 1985,they had ┬áchanged the most of the starting material cast. The main cogs were still in place with Joe Montana and Dwight Clark, but now they had a backfield. And in the Super Bowl at Stanford Stadium, Roger Craig stole the show by scoring three touchdowns. San Francisco back to the Super Bowl back in January 1989, but this time it was Jerry Rice, who caught everyone’s attention. the year beforer, he scored 23 touchdowns on his glamourous way to the NFL Player-of-the-Year award. and Playing in his first Super Bowl, Rice was all ready to set fire to the world. In any case, Rice’s huge play capability and also Montana’s last minute heroics gave the sure win to the 49ers a 20-16 Super Bowl over the Cincinnati Bengals. Rice was named Super Bowl MVP catching 11 passes for 215 yards, a Super Bowl record. “Do not repeat Super Bowl champion.” That’s what every football insider said since the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the 1970s won consecutive titles. And, perhaps, that made Bill Walsh think twice about staying on as coach the 49ers. A less than a week after winning the Super Bowl XXIII, he turned the team over to George Seifert. Seifert was then ready for the challenge because he led the 49ers to their fourth Super Bowl victory in 1990 with a dominating 55-10 rout of the Denver Broncos. Because of all this, Seifert on the condition that a stabilizing influence. But he got help from a number of key players, two of whom were eventually inducted that year into Pro Football Hall of Fame in Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott in 2000. Montana was the Super Bowl MVP for a record third time. Montana completed 22 of 29 passes for 297 yards and a Super Bowl record five touchdowns. The 1994 San Francisco 49ers completed one of the most impressive seasons in NFL history by capturing their NFL record fifth Super Bowl championship at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami. San Francisco defeated the San Diego Chargers 49-26 in Super Bowl XXIX to the finishing touch in putting a 16-3 season and win an unprecedented fifth Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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